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Body Bronze the Leading Beauty and Tan Specialist in the Bay Side Region for over 9 years. It has recently refurbished to reflect the mood of a spa retreat to set the scene for a very beautiful tanning experience. You will experience a professional environment unparalleled in the tanning industry. 

Sudha Beauty Retreat

We proudly use the ultimate spray tan green-based solutions, an instant spray tan has replaced hours of baking in the blazing sun or under UV lights in a solarium. And now at body bronze Frankston you can choose from Ophira medium, Dark or four-hour Rapid Tanning Blend.
We have also introduced a new tanning solution for our clients who love to get that extra dark bronzed colour - our violet-based Black Out tan.

Ophira Tanning Blend. Unique in the market, organic Choice, the ability to blend a formula that will compliment your skin and create a healthy stunning rich golden tan you desire.

Full Body Ophira Medium   $30
Upper Torso, Legs, Face Ophira Medium   $23, $15,$7
Full Body Ophira Dark   $36
Upper Torso, Legs, Face Ophira Dark   $25,$20,$10

Full Body Black Out   $36
Upper Torso, Legs, Face Black Out   $25,$20,$10

Full Body Two Hour   $40
Upper Torso, Legs, Face Two Hour   $32,$22,$10


*All Spray Tans are two coats & jet dried

                              SPECIAL OFFER:
Thursday, Friday & Saturday only - ALL
 Full Body Spray Tan's only $29!



Preparing for your tan

The key to a long-lasting, even tan is preparation. The more you can prepare your skin, the longer your tan will last, and the more evenly it will wear.

Ultimate preparation

For the best results, we encourage you to plan your spray tan a week in advance allowing you to exfoliate and moisturize every day, for 6 days prior to the day of your application. On the day that your tan is to be applied, exfoliate but don't moisturize. The aim of this 7 day process is to remove dead skin cells and feed the skin with moisture so that it is both new and supple when the tan is applied. The only way that your tan can fade is with the natural shedding of your skin, so the more you maintain your skin's health, the longer your tan will last.

The Day of Your Application

It is important that you exfoliate your skin paying particular attention to knees, elbows and heels prior to your spray tan. Your skin must be free of any moisturiser, oils, deodorants, make-up or perfumes before being sprayed. These products act as a barrier, and have a negative effect on your spray tan.

Any waxing or shaving should be done at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to ensure the pores of your skin are closed. Leave as long as possible between your shower and your tan so your skin has time to cool and dry after your shower.

Within the first 6 hours immediately after your application you should try to avoid:

        Showering, bath, or allowing water to splash on you
        Exercise or excessive sweating
        Perfume, Deodorant
        Shaving or Waxing

Important information to help you maintain your tan longer:

When showering do not be concerned if some of the intial bronzer washes off. This is part of the tanning process. Applying Tan Extender twice daily after showering will reduce the rate at which your skin exfoliates keeping your tan looking better for longer.

Avoid heavy exercise that causes excessive perspiration.
Avoid long baths and showers; bathe in lukewarm water rather than hot water.
Avoid alcohol based soap, high lathering body wash, exfoliants, glycolic or alpha hydroxyl acids.
Avoid Jacuzzis or swimming pools for extended periods.
Ensure that you pat yourself dry with a towel; do not rub.
Apply a tan extender or moisturiser at least once a day.

Make a Reservation

For more information or to book an appointment call (03) 97705699

Formerly known as Sudha Beauty Retreat/ Body Bronze Frankston, we continue to provide all our regular beauty and tanning treatments, combined with a range of more recent services to provide for all your needs. With over fifteen years of trade experience offering luxury services, we aim to provide our clients with advanced beauty technologies, natural ingredients and an overall satisfying and uplifting experience. Send Booking Request

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