What is IPL and how is it performed?
Any skin can be treated with IPL including skin on the face, neck, chest, back, hands, arms, and legs. Treatment can be given as frequently as every three weeks. The sensation of light can be a little uncomfortable and has been likened to a moderate pin prick or burst of heat that lasts for only a few seconds. Each treatment takes about twenty to thirty minutes and provides excellent long-term results. It is not uncommon for a local anesthesia cream to be applied half an hour to one hour prior to treatment if the patients desires.
Furthermore, The IPL technology generates bursts of red or blue light spectrum which is preferentially absorbed by blood and superficial brown pigment. The process induces controlled wounds on the skin, prompting it to heal itself by the body’s natural processes then remove the injured tissue by creating new cells. This process reverses the effects of photo aging to a certain extent by removing wrinkles. This process of selective absorption has been shown to reduce blemishes (pigment or superficial blood vessels) in ageing and sun damaged facial skin. The skin will appear refreshed and more youthful following the removal of superficial red and brown blemishes, while the laying down of new collagen improves the skin texture and tone.
A medical history is taken to confirm suitability for treatment and if you wish to proceed a written informed consent is obtained and a test patch is performed to confirm there are no adverse skin reactions to the light.
You will not be hustled or pushed into buying anything at your first consultation. It is designed and designated to provide necessary knowledge and understanding of the treatment and the technology used to assist you in making your own decision. The use of a peel prior to the photo-therapy to remove layers of dead skin cells allows better penetration of the light into the skin.
How do I Determine my Fitzpatrick Skin Type?
  In 1975, Thomas B Fitzpatrick, MD, PhD, of Harvard Medical School, developed a classification system for skin typing. This system was based on a person's response to sun exposure in terms of the degree of burning and tanning the individual experienced. For successful removal of hair, wrinkles, veins, sun spots, and scars using LASER technology, it is necessary determine your correct skin type.
TYPE I Highly sensitive, always burns, never tans Red hair with freckles or Albino
TYPE II Very sun sensitive burns easily, tans minimally Fair-skinned, fair-haired Caucasians
TYPE III Sun sensitive skin, sometimes burns, slowly tans to light brown Darker Caucasians, European mix
TYPE IV Minimally sun sensitive, burns minimally, always tans to moderate brown Mediterranean, European, Asian, Hispanic, American Indian
TYPE V Sun-insensitive skin, rarely burns, tans well Hispanics, Afro-American, Middle Eastern
TYPE VI Sun-insensitive, never burns deeply pigmented Afro-American, African, Middle Eastern
How does Intense Pulsed Light work?
Intense pulsed light system releases precisely controlled shot pulses of filtered light that removes brown spots and broken vessels and stimulate the fibroblast cells within the skin that produce collagen and elastin.
This improves the radiance and tightness of the skin, controlling enlarged pores, and giving a more uniform complexion
Contraindications for IPL Skin Rejuvenation
Clients with moderate or heavy suntan should not be treated with photo rejuvenation until the tan has subsided as the increased melanin will decrease the effectiveness of the IPL treatment and may lead to burning of the skin. Very dark skin will not as benefit from photo-rejuvenation.

How is the treatment carried out?
The skin thoroughly cleansed, and a layer of cooling gel is applied. This technique removes the top layers of dead skin, leaving the skin feeling smoother and refreshed. You will be asked to put on goggles to protect your eyes. A layer of chilled gel is applied to the area to guide the light into the skin. The light applicator is placed onto the skin and a short pulse of light is released.
The applicator is then moved to the neighboring area and the process is repeated until the entire area is treated. The chilled gel is removed, the area is cooled and Aloe Vera Gel is applied to sooth the skin.
Am I suitable for treatment?
Yes, almost everyone is suitable, the ideal patient is fair skinned but IPL system has pre-programmed settings to maximise results for different skin types. If there are any areas of broken skin, treatment is delayed until the area has completely healed. At the first consultation after collecting your medical history and your skin assessment you medical practitioner will decide if you suitable for the treatment.
How does the treatment feel?
No anesthesia required and most patients describe the discomfort as moderate and acceptable and liken it to a pin prick.
Is it safe?
The skin of some patients becomes quite red after treatment. Very rarely the skin may become lighter or darker, or a small blister may form. 'However, most patients experience no side effects and any skin reaction usually disappears within a few hours.
What should I expect after the treatment?
Redness and a slight warming sensation are normal after treatment. A cooling pack will be applied to the skin to ease these symptoms. You may see a darkening of any pigmented spots before they flake off, leading to an evening of skin tone. Tightening of the skin should increase over the following months as new collagen is deposited within the dermis. Some patients notice a slight swelling over the cheekbones, which may last up to 3-4 days.
It is essential that the client uses the correct skin care throughout the treatment course. It is imperative that high SPF (at least 15) face cream is used throughout the treatment course. Failure to wear adequate protection from both UVA & UVB rays can potentially make the treatment programme ineffective.
Many people in their thirties and older suffer from sun-damaged facial skin, which can present itself in many forms: wrinkles and fine lines are often accompanied by dry and rough skin, mottled skin tone and areas of abnormal pigmentation. Age or sun spots and freckles are frequently seen types of ‘superficial’ pigmentation, and although benign, they can become an issue of cosmetic concern. Vascular irregularities can also contribute to overall skin tone irregularities.
These symptoms can now be treated using the combination of facial chemical peels with IPL procedures. The use of a Natural Glycolic peel prior to the photo-therapy removes layers of dead skin cells allowing better penetration of the light into the skin.

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