This Exclusive Skin Treatment is for individual who couldn’t take any other cosmetics in their life time. It is 100% natural, no synthetic Chemicals or preservatives. Organic and 100% authentic.

Ayurveda translates into English as the Science of Life (Ayur - life, Veda - science). Considered to be the oldest healing science in the world, the concept of balance is important in Ayurveda - the balance of body, mind and consciousness based on each person's individual constitution (vata, pitta, kapha).   

Ayurveda Balancing Facial
Balancing  Vata - treating rough and dry skin type / Pitta - treating freckle, wrinkle , acne, pimple, blemishes, redness, blackheads, pigmentation / Kapha - treatingheavy, thick, moist, saggy, cellulites, patches.

45 Mins                          Casual: $85                
24ct Gold Facial
The Secret for radiant youthful skin – pure 24ct Gold regenerates, improves skin elasticity, accelerating cell renewal and reversing oxidation damage. 24 Carat leaf floating in healing Aloe Vera is a traditional Ayurvedic beauty secret for radiant youthful skin. Toning and purifying lodhra and Himalaya wild cherry rejuvenate stressed skin, giving a beautiful radiant glow.

90 Mins              Casual: $120            

Swanthana - An Ayurvedic Energising Massage
A full body massage of vital points which helps in restoring the balancing of constitution in the body and includes hot compress thereby increasing the flow of prana (life force). The use of various oil combinations help to enter deep in the tissues and liberate toxins.                                                 

60 Mins             Casual: $ 90               
30 Mins             Casual: $ 50               
Udvartana – (Detoxify, body wrap and polish)
Look 1 size smaller. A body toning program, involves the application of the AHA Cleanser, prescribed combination of herbal powder exfoliation and medicated herbal oil on the entire body.(excluding face).

45 Mins            Casual: $55             

Abyangha Treatment

This is an Indian head massage and scalp care. The application of medicated oil on the head and body promotes strength, sleep, growth and firmness of hair. A three minutes steam and a warm shower with a herbal hair mask follows this.                                                                            

20mins   casual: $150  

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Formerly known as Sudha Beauty Retreat/ Body Bronze Frankston, we continue to provide all our regular beauty and tanning treatments, combined with a range of more recent services to provide for all your needs. With over fifteen years of trade experience offering luxury services, we aim to provide our clients with advanced beauty technologies, natural ingredients and an overall satisfying and uplifting experience. Send Booking Request

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