Low Intensity Laser Therapy

We are proud to present the Poly Laser Derma, a revolutionary laser machine that uses light therapy to significantly improve and reduce a number of skin concerns and heal, restore and improve damaged skin tissue. Emitting a gentle beam of light, LLLT works by promoting regeneration to the damaged tissue and encouraging cellular renewal and collagen, as well as elastin growth.

Low Intensity Laser Therapy uses light to stimulate, regulate and accelerate cell function in the area being treated. LLLT is a Medical Grade "cold laser" - meaning it provides biostimulation and photobiomodulation. This treatment promotes stimulation and renewal without heat or discomfort to the affected areas, either on the skin or within; and may be used anywhere on the face or body.
LLLT can also be used in conjunction with our other treatments such as Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Photo Rejuvenation, and Laser Facials to accelerate the healing process and increase results for a number of conditions.
Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Facial Herpes, Acne, Allergic Reactions (Hives).
Hyperkeratosis, Folliculitis and Rosacea.
Arthritis, Inflamed Muscles and Joints, Pinched Nerves, Back and Neck Pain and Bunions,
New Scars, Red Stretch Marks, Mature Stretch Marks (White stretch marks) Keloid Scarring and Bruising,
A laser beam is different from IPL and LED because it is coherent, simply meaning that the beam has the ability to remain focused over a distance. IPL and LED are noncoherent, meaning the light scatters with shorter depth of penetration, while laser is coherent, thus providing a targeted treatment. With coherence, the scattering of light decreases, allowing the light to strike the target at perpendicular angles, increasing its absorption and transmission to deeper tissues.

Cold laser therapy—also known as low-level light therapy—supplies energy to the body in the form of nonthermal light photons, hence the term “cold laser.” Cold lasers use light waves in the near-infrared ranges that penetrate the deepest in the visible spectrum. Because of cold laser’s deep penetration, light is transmitted through the skin’s layers—the epidermis, dermis, and the subcutaneous tissue or tissue fat under the skin—and reaches the mitochondria, cellular energy of the cell. Low level laser therapy does not induce heating in tissue like surgical or aesthetic lasers. It’s all in the photochemical reactions of certain wavelengths of light with our cell membranes, cellular organelles and enzymes. Compromised cells respond better than healthy cells to photochemical reactions so that brief treatments with low level light on damaged tissue can induce a complex chain of physiological reactions to enhance wound healing and tissue regeneration, reduce acute inflammation, treat chronic pain and even to make our skin look younger and more vibrant.


Please contact us via email or phone to book in for a free consultation to assess your skin type/condition, as prices may vary depending on the specific treatment and course of sessions required for each individual

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