Cosmetic Tattooing FAQS


Am I suitable for Permanent Makeup?
Most people are suitable for some form of permanent makeup. The therapist will explore with you precisely which treatments will suit you best. This is a one-to-one consultation and includes a discussion of your dreams and expectations and any features you wish to correct or balance. From this discussion, your technician will recommend the specific treatments she believes will achieve the effect you want and how it can be achieved.
What pigment is used?
Most pigments used in cosmetic tattooing are Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide which is a safe and non-reactive substance specifically manufactured for implantation into the skin. The pigments are colored powder suspended in distilled water, alcohol and glycerin.
How does the procedure go?
Using the finest quality needles, the pigment is introduced INTO the skin. The needle is dipped into the pigment, and the tip of the needle inserted into the skin, allowing the skin to absorb the colour. Needle penetration is quite shallow, which is the reason for the changes being only semi-permanent. As you replace your skin over the years, the changes gradually fade away. The pigments used are of vegetable origin.
Is Permanent Makeup a painful procedure?
Topical numbing cream is usually applied on area 30 minutes prior to commencing the treatment.  Although permanent cosmetics and medical tattooing are a form of tattooing, the pain factor is considered to be less pronounced as the treatments are gentler and less invasive. 
How long does the procedure usually take?
The procedure itself takes 1 – 2 hours to carry, with 30 minutes of this time as numbing time depending on size and depth of colour. You would then return approx 4 weeks later for a “top up” procedure. (The costs quoted cover your consultation, your procedure and top up procedure.)
How long does it usually last?
On average 12-18 months. This varies from person to person because skin type, diet, genetics and environmental factors can all contribute to how long the pigments will be retained. – Oily skin has a rapid metabolic and cell turnover rate and usually causes the results to fade faster than a drier skin type.
Pre-treatment advice
It is not advisable to tint perm or curl your eyelashes for one week prior to treatment and two weeks after. It is also not advisable to tint your eyebrows although you may shape them if you prefer to but this service is provided at the time of your permanent eyebrows.
Please bring glasses to wear after your eyeliner procedure as contact lenses cannot be worn for 24 hours post procedurally.
What aftercare can I use to prolong my cosmetic makeup?
·         Apply the aftercare healing balm a minimum of three times daily. You should do this using a micro-brush or clean cotton bud for each application; this will prevent cross-contamination.
·         We recommend you use a gentle facial cleanser to clean the face during the healing period. (Post 3 days from treatment)
·         Keep hair away to prevent any infection.
·         If the area gets wet, gently pat dry using clean tissue. Do not rub.
·         Do not peel at peeling skin
·         Avoid all products including makeup and products on skin for 3 days
·         Avoid excessive sweating for 3 days
What should I expect after the procedure has completed?
The most common:
·         Tenderness.
·         Flaking.
·         Swelling and redness on the first day of procedure
·        Remember, your selected colour will be stronger and more sharply defined immediately after treatment but as the healing process occurs the colour will soften and lighten.
What are some of the benefits of getting Permanent Makeup?

  • Watery Eyes
  • Faded Features
  • Ageing Skin
  • Constantly Smudged Or Runny Eye Makeup
  • Poor Vision
  • Alopecia
  • No Lip Line
  • Lined Lips
  • Small Or Uneven Lips
  • Allergies
  • Eyes That Are Very Small
  • Eyes That Need Definition
  • Faint Or No Eyebrows
  • Sparse Eyebrows
  • Ageing Features
  • General Self Esteem

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